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    There has been minor changes made to the way the GPIO control option is selected from the list under the ‘Controller’ tab, now to control the PTT or other hardware on Raspberry Pi (and other SOC) type boards, the option under the ‘Controller’ tab has changed from ‘Raspberry PI’ to ‘GPIO’. This is because Jonathan has made this option available to other boards of this type, if you were using the ‘Raspberry Pi’ controller option then updating to later version, you application may not start automatically. Simply change to the ‘GPIO’ option under the ‘Controller’ tab save, then restart the application.

    ** Preconfigured support for DVMEGA now in prebuilt images

Debaian Jessie image now has DV4mini software installed and is working with DVMEGA* and dv4mini setups

We cannot predict the direction future changes may take, all we can do is chase them when they come.

Raspberry Pi V3 image added to download page

Now with support for PA7LIM ‘BlueDV

DVMEGA issues ironed-out, BlueTooth is now disabled in order to cater for DVMEGA and BlueSpot


Odroid C1 image added to download page

DG9VH Dashboard installed on later images; example

Latest G4KLX updates hosted here are:    














                            ** Remember **


Some developmental updates may cause the loss of your current configuration(s).


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