IF your image has ‘klxupdate’ script installed.

The ‘klxupdate’ script is provided by gw6wtk and appears on all Western D-Star images since January 2013, this update script also may appear on images built by other providers. You can also install this feature on your own personal build if you wish. Despite it’s title it is not the responsibility of Jonathan Naylor (G4KLX) in any shape or form, any issues with this script are the responsibility Brian gw6wtk.


How To: Install a KLXupdater script on images downloaded from

Western D-Star BEFORE 22-01-2013 (or older Dropbox download from GW6WTK)

** You will only need to do this once **

Warning: this procedure is in its infancy and comes with NO WARRANTY, please make a full backup of your SD card before proceeding.

If you open this page in a web-browser on your Raspberry PI, you should be able to simply copy the blue text from this page, then paste directly into  a terminal window (LXTerminal) pressing ENTER.

wget http://www.westerndstar.co.uk/KLXstuff/klxupdate; sudo install -g bin -o root -m 0775 ./klxupdate "/usr/local/bin" ; sudo rm ./klxupdate

The updater should now be installed!


Using ‘klxupdate’

Open a command-line terminal such as ‘LXTerminal’ and enter the appropriate command(s) below (without quotes) and press enter.

klxupdate repeater’ to update all repeater applications or

klxupdate gateway’ to update all Gateway applications (all lower case without ‘quotes’)  and enter/return.

klxupdate hostfiles’ to update all reflector host-files (all lower case without ‘quotes’)  and enter/return.*

klxupdate --help’ to see a basic guide of the use of of the ‘klxupdate’ script

*Currently, the main source of data for the extended host-files is provided by Adrian VK4TUX (thanks Adrian).