Get Started

How To: Install an image of your choice on to your SD card for the first time.

Images and Installation

There is more than one way of getting your Raspberry PI up and running your D-Star radio kit using the Jonathan Naylor packages, here are a few alternatives.

Before you start straight out of the box, there are certain basics we must have in place.

A Raspberry PI (only tried on type ‘B’) and a power source, dedicated PSU or decent quality micro-USB cable.

  • An SD card (4Gb or above, doesn’t seem to fit on all 4Gb cards).
  • A PC with an internet connection.
  • An SD card reader/writer

Writing an image to your SD card fro the first time:

Before we can start we must have a tool or method to write the image to the SD card, if you are using a Windows based PC for this the you will need something like Win32Diskimager installed on your PC.

When you download Win32Diskimager, just unzip it to a folder to your desktop (or anywhere else you can find it easily) To run the Diskimager, simply navigate to its folder and double-click on the ‘Win32Diskimager application’, there doesn’t seem to be an installer. 

Next you will need to download an image that suits your particular setup.

Now you need to ‘Unzip’ the downloaded image to a folder on your PC, DO NOT TRY TO WRITE THE ZIPfile TO YOUR SD CARD.

Connect your card reader to your PC and insert the SD card, now run Win32Diskimager and select the ‘Device’ with the SD card inserted then navigate to the ‘Image’ file you have unzipped.

Click ‘Write’ and wait, once complete insert SD card into Raspberry PI and switch-on.