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    In order to keep his software as advanced and feature-rich as possible, the software author(Jonathan Naylor) has changed the way the GPIO pins are dealt with. Later versions of the ‘Repeater’ software require the installation of a software package called ‘WiringPi’. This is included on all later Western D-Star images, however if you have an older image and a problem with your modem starting after running ‘klxupdate repeater’ then look here or goto ‘How To’s’ for a solution to this problem.

    ** Support for DVMEGA now incorporated in DStarRepeater application **

    Older changes

    The configuration of the ircDDBGateway and most modem/interface (DVAP, DVRPTR and GMSK) software is now catered for in two separate applications.

Jonathan (Naylor) has created two new applications called ‘ircddbgatewayconfig’ and ‘dstarrepeaterconfig’. In the older versions of KLXupdater this application will not be installed in one run.

      On older images you may need to run ‘klxupdate gateway’ TWICE this time to incorporate these changes.

      To run  the new configuration applications simply open LXTerminal from the desktop and type

sudo ircddbgatewayconfig’ and press enter. (new images have a desktop icon)

sudo dstarrepeaterconfig’ and press enter. (new images have a desktop icon)

We cannot predict the direction future changes may take, all we can do is chase them when they come!

Latest G4KLX updates are:    

                                                        ircDDBGateway      08-03-2015

                                                 Repeater                    028-01-2014

                 DStarRepeater         04-04-2015

** Remember **

Some developmental updates may cause the loss of your configuration(s).


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